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MPA Skills Apprentice Employment Scheme employs apprentices in both plumbing and painting trades and places them with participating employers (Host Employers) to gain on-the-job experience for an agreed period of time.

MPA Skills carefully selects applicants in both Plumbing and Painting and our thorough recruitment and induction process ensures that apprentices are work ready, enthusiastic and have a good attitude to work.

MPA Skills manages the placement and training of its apprentices to ensure that apprentices and Host Employers benefit. Field Officers regularly visit Host Employers and apprentices to assess and monitor the apprentice's progress. MPA Skills are responsible for all paperwork, monitoring and assessment of apprentices, off-the-job training and workers' compensation.

They also deal promptly and efficiently, with any personal workplace issues or problems that may arise. We remain responsible for resolving any disciplinary issues that may arise.

Benefits of Apprentice Employment -v- Direct Indenture

  • Mix of experience levels by selecting from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year apprentices
  • Flexibility (Rotation)
  • Pastoral care provided by MPA Skills
  • Quality of candidates assured through effective screening and recruitment
  • Performance and skills assessments carried out by Cert IV qualified MPA Skills Apprentice Employment staff
  • NO recruitment costs
  • Ability to structure workforce to workload
  • NO risk
  • NO downtime expenses for the apprentice
  • Apprentices are work ready - issued with uniforms, tools, PPE kit and safety boots
  • NO administration expenses - payroll expenses, workers' compensation, superannuation, insurances etc.
  • Nil cost when apprentice is doing off-the-job training
  • Only pay for the hours worked by the apprentice
  • By using the scheme you are directly re-investing back into your industry and ensuring the multi-skilling of future trades persons within the industry

Host Obligations

Host employers must provide apprentices with appropriate supervision and a safe working environment. They should provide a variety of on the job training and must allow the apprentice time to attend off-the-job training. As MPA Skills staff will require access to apprentices to ensure progress is appropriate, host employers need to provide adequate access to apprentices in the workplace as and when required.

Personalised Field Representation

A representative from MPA Skills will organise to meet with you within 24 hours or at your earliest convenience.

Quality of Staff

We take pride in looking after apprentices who represent us in the market place and encourage a two-way commitment between the apprentices and MPA Skills. This results in a higher level of performance from the apprentices.

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